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Today, many featured artists have taken their careers to outstanding levels. Current information may be included in the links to their own Web Sites.

Arciniega, Ossie Averone, Alessio Boutros, Sacha Bandolero
Cain, John Celaya, Jocelyn Camberos, Jorge Christian, Lynn
Caicedo, Patricia Delahuerta, Julio De la Huerta, Pepe Dhillon, Dave
D 'Soria, Jorge De la Rosa, Adolfo Escamilla-Beverly, Mary Ann Fos, Joe
García, Jesus Guo, Lu-Yan Dr. Guzmán, Lorena Gitano
Gibrann Hendrick, Daniel Giorgio, Karen Howerton, Peggie
Jiménez, Kiko Kamatoy, Bill (Proculo) Konor-Kohlepp, Marian Lombrozo, Diana
López Yañez, Jorge López, Miguel Luevano, Luigi Lombrozo, Eli
Lanuza, Fred Sylvia Lorraine Hartman Leyva, Ramón Lombrozo, Karina
Morones, Juan M. Mondragón, Diego Myers, Jewel Marco, Joyce
Nevin, Jeff Dr. Palacios, Román Padilla, Salvador Reyes, Salvador (Sylvia and Salvador)
Rickert, Kristi Roche, Chantal Suder, Mustafa Sandstrom, Robert
Salerno, Ermanno Tinoco, Florencia Torres, Luís Vivanco, Lourdes
Zeiger, Larry      

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