Lourdes Vivanco



Lourdes Vivanco studied twelve years in the Art and Culture Academy (Academia de Arte y Cultura Sonia Amelio), with Jose Sepulveda and vocal training under several teachers. Lourdes has performed in the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, Latino’s Restaurants Mexican Nights in San Diego, the Fair of Las Californias in Tijuana, and La Casa de la Cultura. Lourdes has appeared on channel 12 television in Tijuana and the Festival “OTI” Univision San Diego.

Ms. Vivanco was honored guest singer in the world college premier of “Maricahi Quixote” and has shared the stage with Mariachi Campaña Nevin and others. Lourdes interprets various styles of music such as Mariachi, Bolero, and Pop in public  and private concerts and special events.