Chantal Roche


Vocalist, Dancer, Artist

Photograph: Diane Gertz


      Chantal Roche is a versatile artist. She sings American jazz, blues, French, Spanish boleros, and Middle Eastern ballads, in six languages. She has performed at prestigious clubs, restaurants and hotels in San Diego County, Beverly Hills, Malibu, New York, and the Women’s International Conference in San Francisco, as well as in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, and Morocco. Chantal dances contemporary, modern, flamenco, African, salsa, samba, merengue, rap, disco, waltz, and tango rhythms.

      Ms. Roche has been a model for Gallery Lafayette in Paris, El Corte Inglés in Seville, and La Mamounia in Rabat, and participated in runway photography, fashion coordination and design. She has appeared in TV commercials with Barbara Shannon, Stage with DJ Sullivan, and TV films with Claire Sinnet.


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