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This website is a small testimony of the Latin and American music history in San Diego since its foundation in 2005 through 2011, the year when the server that hosted the website closed. Although many of the original entries were lost, including The Voice of LAMCAPS, which announced members’ concerts and events, founder and editor Carlos Tarrac was able to rebuild the site recently on a smaller scale.

One can read biographical information and view images of composers, song authors, and musicians from San Diego as well as other places in the United States and abroad. The first of two sections is dedicated to composers and performers of various musical genres while the other includes images of friends and patrons who followed the concerts and performances of these talented artists. Today, most featured artists have taken their careers to outstanding levels and, while others are no longer with us, they will all remain a part of the bohemian music life in San Diego.

Please visit LAMCAPS (Latin and American Music, Composers, Authors Showcase) and  enjoy!

Carlos F. Tarrac,
LAMCAPS Performing Arts Founder and Editor



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