Jocelyn Celaya 



Jocelyn Celaya is a Radical Classical Guitarist and Vocalist, born and raised in Piedmont, Oklahoma. Her performing takes her to various parts of the world, but she is presently based in San Diego, California and in Rosarito, Mexico. Having affection for eclectic musical styles, she sings and composes her own music by blending rock, flamenco/(gypsy), bluegrass, percussion, classical, and tapping/hammering.

Jocelyn has become one of the most requested artists on PBS (O.E.T.A) and has had her music and concerts aired on other PBS programs. In 2002, she was given an award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International and later in 2006 became the youngest guitarist to receive the award as a Lifetime Honoree Member/Performer for the  Association of Finger Style Guitarists

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